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About Us:

spawnNYC builds startups from the ground up.

We help founders and existing enterprises introduce new concepts to market.

Our hands-on approach provides investors with a vetted pipeline of opportunities.


We don't believe in
chance. We believe in
ideas and strategy.

| break & rebuild |

We believe in people.
Let's co-create your vision.


Our Value:

A ground up approach, with a top down perspective.
We launch your venture, help you fundraise, take you to market, and develop your business.

From idea to launch, we enable the true potential of your founding team.

spawnNYC provides in-house business strategists, product managers, creatives and developers.


We are spawning an
ecosystem of
successful startups.

Nurture the next generation of
startups and invest in a smarter,
more meaningful future.

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Let's look at the bigger idea
and break boundaries


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